Book Review: Creativity within Tradition

The Continuity of Japanese Aesthetics: Creativity within Tradition, by Iwasawa Oriental Art, By Kazuko Kameda-Madar.

Professor Kameda-Madar is a co-editor of an anthology Utsushi no chikara: Sozo to keizoku no matorikkusu [Power of utsushi: Matrix of Creation and Continuity] Kyoto: Shibunkaku Press, 2013

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Netsuke Nation

Jonathan Magonet's latest book, 'Netsuke Nation' is due to be published in April 2013. This unique work of fiction will appeal to those interested in Japanese culture and whimsical stories. “Inspired by The Hare with Amber Eyes to collect netsuke, I found they offered a fascinating introduction to Japanese culture. On my daily walk to the university in Fukuoka where I was teaching, some character in my small netsuke collection, would suggest a story that fed into an emerging idea of Netsuke Nation, a mixture of imagination and the experience of Japanese life.”

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Netsuke iPhone Application

A new Netsuke iPhone application is now available on iTunes, for $6.99. The application is available in both English and Japanese. This iPhone App is a collection of Netsuke, and 52 pieces of famous Netsuke are introduced. The Netsuke in this App are mainly antique netsuke carved by famous artists in the mid Edo Piriod such as Masanao (Kyoto), Minko, Shuzan, Tomokazu, Toshimasa, Yoshinaga and so on.

Visit the application page on iTunes Visit the application page on the author's site (in Japanese)