The Poetry of Netsuke, Robert O. Kinsey

Contemporary Netsuke, The H.I.H. Prince
Takamado Collection. Published by Hakuchosha on May 20, 2003. Text and captions in Japanese and English.


Fuld’s Netsuke and Ojime Index (FNOI), ver 9.0 for the International Netsuke Society

Works by Raymond Bushell

Complete list of Raymond Bushell’s work

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On–line Dictionary of Japanese Architectural and Art Historical Terminology Compiled by Dr. Mary Neighbour Parent Japan, Memoirs of a Secret Empire, PBS Japanese Art Timeline by Metropolitan Museum of Art Japanese Old Photographs in Bakumatsu–Meiji Period, Nagasaki University Library Collection The Norman L. Sandfield Library of Netsuke and Oriental Art at the Toledo Museum of Art Library Red–Haired Barbarians, The Dutch and other foreigners in Nagasaki and Yokohama 1800 - 1865, 40 Japanese prints from the NEHA ( Netherlands Economic–Historic Archive ) collection